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No one gets it better than him

reasons why CE will always be my doctor <3

And yet he wants nothing to do with Doctor Who anymore.  I’m really hoping someday down the line he’ll pull a Shatner and realize that he’ll have more joy embracing the franchise and the fans than turning his back on it.

He’s still my Doctor, though.

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Why do dudes always wanna know your bra size tho, what are they gonna do, buy you bras?? Cause that would be very helpful bras cost a lot of money i would save a fortune

I fucking hate that question. Especially since I don’t wear bras.

I still can’t figure what’s what concerning bra sizes.  I know there’s letters and numbers involved, so it always sounds like an apartment address to me.

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These two scenes remind me of each other because they boldly illustrate how disparate TNG and DS9 were when it came to morality. In TNG, there was often a right answer, and the lines separating what was good and bad were often clear.  While in DS9, the best thing to do was not always the “right” thing to do. DS9 gave you scenarios where you could not judge whether decisions were moral or immoral, leaving you conflicted because they did not fit in those boxes.

Also, I find these scenes are remarkable because they showed how the principles that Starfleet claimed it was built on went out the window when it itself was threatened.

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As the Type 40 bad girl made clear in The Doctor’s Wife, she doesn’t like him bringing home strays. The TARDIS, as we know, likes to fire her pet Time Lord at interesting moments in history and watch the fireworks. Anyone less mad than the Doctor might have noticed by now the TARDIS navigation always works perfectly when the crisis demands, but never when he fancies lunch, or tea and biscuits at the Eye of Orion.

Now those pesky humans who keep following him home are usually content to stumble about, saying, ‘It’s bigger on the inside,’ and remain sufficiently in awe of the Police Box magic never to question it. But clever, sceptical, hard-to-impress Clara might just cause trouble. It’s almost like it’s all building to something… Oh! What’s this I’m writing today?

-Steven Moffat, explaining why the TARDIS doesn’t like Clara

The most frustrating thing about Moffat is that he can sometimes say the most profound, insightful things about Doctor Who, and then turn around and say something that makes it look like he’s never watched the show before. Clara is not the first companion to question the “Police Box magic” and the previous companions did not stumble around in blind awe of the TARDIS.

Rose, in her very first episode, started questioning how the TARDIS worked and why it was disguised as a Police Box. The Doctor dismissed her questions because he was still in his “Humans are Stupid Apes” phase, but she was questioning it nonetheless.

Donna was confused and terrified when she first went in the TARDIS because she thought she’d been kidnapped, but when the Doctor invited her aboard the TARDIS a second time she dismissed his attempts to give her the inspiring “The TARDIS is bigger on the inside” speech. She never remained in awe of the TARDIS and in one episode was shown actively learning how to pilot it.

Martha, the first time she travelled in the TARDIS, asked the Doctor how the TARDIS worked and how it was able to travel through time. She also insulted the Doctor’s ability to pilot the TARDIS.

Amy was skeptical of the TARDIS the first time she saw it when she was seven, and even when she finally got to go inside the TARDIS she was actively questioning the magic Police Box she’d long since stopped believing in.

Rory was not perplexed or impressed by the TARDIS at all and had already guessed that it was able to be bigger on the inside than the outside because the inside existed in a different dimension. 

For goodness sake, Leela questioned the Fourth Doctor about how the TARDIS could be bigger on the inside than the outside, making him explain how the TARDIS was dimensionally transcendental in 1977!

Furthermore, the TARDIS never said she didn’t like the Doctor bringing home companions in “The Doctor’s Wife.” Her exact quote is: “I exist across all space and time and you [the Doctor] talk and run around and bring home strays!” “Strays” is not implied to be negative in this quote; in fact, just a few moments later the TARDIS refers to Rory as “the pretty one.” 

Clara is not particularly special or unique in this regard, no matter how hard Moffat tries to convince us she is. She’s not the first to refuse to travel with the Doctor until she’s ready, or to set her own terms for traveling with him. She’s not the first to question the Doctor for the way he tries to convince people to join him as his companion. And she’s not the first to question the TARDIS. You want to have a plot where the TARDIS doesn’t particularly like a companion? Fine, but don’t shit on all the companions that came before Clara to try to build her up as the only one smart enough and skeptical enough to question the “Police Box magic.”

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No matter what Moffat does with Clara at this point, she will never be a “character”.  She has always been flatly written, uninteresting as person, and a waste of space (and time) in terms of the show.  When I think of most of the preceding companions, I can rattle off the qualities and characteristics of each one that made them unique.  Clara?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  She was designed to be a plot device and that’s all she is.  Moffat can craft some interesting and, I reluctantly admit, imaginative stories.  But when it comes to creating characters, he fails at just about every turn.

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friendly reminder to tag non-sexual nudity for nsfw because nsfw doesn’t mean sex, nsfw means things that wouldn’t be appropriate in the workplace 

that means gore, nudity, sex, basically if you wouldn’t want a coworker looking over your shoulder and seeing it that’s nsfw 

nsfw =/= sex 

nsfw = not safe for work 

Uh… shouldn’t you be working when you’re at work?

I get to do what I want during my lunch break! You don’t control me!


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friendly reminder to tag non-sexual nudity for nsfw because nsfw doesn’t mean sex, nsfw means things that wouldn’t be appropriate in the workplace 

that means gore, nudity, sex, basically if you wouldn’t want a coworker looking over your shoulder and seeing it that’s nsfw 

nsfw =/= sex 

nsfw = not safe for work 

Uh… shouldn’t you be working when you’re at work?

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#NEVER NEVER NEVER FORGET NINE #nine who thought that everyone was important #nine who took a regular girl with a regular job #and told people that he took with him #and that was rose tyler #the ninth doctor who got along with jack harkness #the ninth doctor who tore apart the galaxy in fire and rage #then patched it back up better #nine who looked at rose like she was the most important thing in the galaxy #nine who was born from war #and beat the horror of his regeneration #who bettered himself #who lived up to the name of #nine was so so important #nine was my doctor #my first doctor #nine pulled me in to this insane show about monsters #and made me believe that there would always be someone #despite the odds #despite everything working against them #that would care #that would fix the wrong #that would save the world #nine is my doctor #and he should be yours too (via)

I love him.  And I love Rose.  So there.

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